Secondhand Saturday

Lately I’ve had some awesome secondhand finds.

Hopefully they can be your inspiration for a successful secondhand saturday…

let me know what you find.

1. I love this textile. I didn’t know what I would do with it, but knew I had to get it home. At the moment it’s looking fab covering my pretty ordinary Ikea futon, which is a day bed in the kids toy room. Who knows if this is where it will stay. I kind of feel like it may have lived in a Kombi van at some time in it’s life. AUD$10.

2. This blouse was a steal and is great for layering over tanks or I can button it up as a mini shirt dress over leggings.


3. We bought this wardrobe door from a garage sale. My husband sanded it back and put a layer of laquer on it. I didn’t want it too glossy as the aged look of the wood was so beautiful. It’s currently at the glass shop getting mirror placed in the oval panel to become a full-length mirror. AUD$10 for the door.

4. Ceramics from Israel. The ramekin dishes at the top of the image I found last year, it’s not often that you discover ‘Made in Israel’ on the underside of ceramics and I loved their slightly mottled finish and perfect hand painted stripes. This week I found the matching dinner plates and side plates. They were actually given to me as the store was getting rid of all of it’s knick knacks… imagine, these would have been landfill. I can feel another ‘collection’ coming on… Made in Israel. AUD$0

5. This woollen blanket is actually going to the dog in my life, a beautiful Staffy named Finn. I love these classic woollen blankets with a stripe and edged with blanket stitching. This one can be cut up and made in  to two doggie blankets for Finn, IF I can part with it. My cat has already discovered it and slept on it all night. The loosened blanket stitching makes it all the more endearing. AUD$7

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7 thoughts on “Secondhand Saturday

  1. Bug says:

    That throw is amazing -so 70s. Loving it!

    Bug @ Bugwear

  2. Chez says:

    I also love that 70s fabric. I have something similar that Harv and I had for curtains when we lived at Duffy’s Forest.. Unfortunately mine doesn’t have the awesome texture your find has but I’ve saved it all these years because I love the bright orange, brown and beige tones:) Israeli plates are a real find and the wardrobe door. Katie, I’ve stopped my op shopping and garage sales for the time being because as a result of picking up all sorts of bargains and great finds over the years I’ve ended up being very cluttered and having way too much “stuff” that I don’t want to part with. Now that I’m selling had no choice, lots gone to new homes. Once I move I know I won’t be able to help myself and start again haha xo

  3. oldvogue says:

    That wardrobe door is amazing! You definately won the second hand lottery there!

    • Thankyou! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Will post pics as soon as I get it home.

      • Tanu says:

        Even the title of your post made me go “EEEEEEKKKKK!”And then the visual… pettry, brightly coloured, sweet and happy melted peeping baby chicks…Nope. Can’t do it. And I’m a carnivore!lol

  4. Jessica says:

    EK your finds are incredible and have really inspired me as always. I love that purple shirt too. Great idea with the door frame also cant wait to see it finished!

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