Tome: Bushland and Seashore by Robin Hill

Cover: photography by Eclectic Kate

Upon cleaning out my grandparents’ home, I have stumbled across the most beautiful book. It’s called Bushland And Seashore and it’s written and illustrated by artist and naturalist Robin Hill.

While I felt like I knew every book in that house, I don’t ever remember this one. However the illustrations are just so beautiful, I keep flicking through it, over and over again.

Bushland and Seashore was first published in 1962 and depicts native Australian flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Painted in watercolours, unlike other naturalist painters, Hill is able to bring the animals to life on the page. From the snake ready to strike to the hawk circling it’s prey, the images are evocative and moving. It became an award-winning book, but it is unfortunately no longer in print. I did find a secondhand copy on Amazon.

Illustration by Robin Hill: photography by Eclectic Kate

The other thing I love about this find is that my grandparents gave this book to my uncle Harvey for Christmas in 1963. Proof that books make great presents.

Inscription: photography by Eclectic Kate

Funny how a book can outlive a person.

For more information on the incredible Robin Hill and to order prints online, please visit his website here

More images from Bushland and Seashore below, sourced from Robin Hills’ website.

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One thought on “Tome: Bushland and Seashore by Robin Hill

  1. Chez says:

    Made me sad to see the words written to MY darling Harvey xo

    PS If you ever tire of the book, remember me.

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