Terra Terra Terrarium

Terrariums are having a moment.

I have very fond memories of my Nanna making them in the 80’s. She loved anything oriental, so along with bonsai’s, we’d make miniature Chinese gardens in these balloon shaped glass jars.

Driftwood would be collected as logs and we’d cover the soil in moss for grass.

Recently we’ve been cleaning out my grandparent’s home as they’ve now both passed on.

One of the many treasures I found was two unused terrarium jars, so I set about making a set of terrariums of my own.

Everything I know about terrariums I learned from The Terrarium Man website here.

Instructions after the jump…

One of my terrariums. Photography by Eclectic Kate


Tool Kit:

Large open jar or vase (available at thrift stores, Etsy, Ebay or $2 stores)

Stones, river pebbles or fish rocks (purchased at Bunnings)

Spagnum moss (purchased at Bunnings)

Potting mix

Plants (I used succulents as they don’t need a lot of water)

Terrarium essentials


1. Ensure the jar is clean and free of dust and finger marks

2. Layer stones, sphagnum moss, potting mix in that order

3. Play around with arrangement of plants before planting. Remember that terrariums are often viewed from all sides and the top, so you want to consider what it looks like from each of these angles. Place plants in soil once arrangement has been finalised

4. Give plants a water.


Think about where you are going to place your terrarium before you create it. They don’t like to be in direct sunlight.

Feel the soil every few days and if it feels dry, give plants a little water. I use a water bottle with a drip nozzle so I don’t overwater.

Snip off any dead leaves as you see them.

This is a pretty cool project to do with kids and something they could have in their rooms. To add another element of fun for kids, let them choose a carnivirous plant such as a Venus Fly Trap. Small toy dinosaurs, wild animals or fairies can be added as decoration after planting the planting stage.

For more inspiration check out this beautiful book – The New Terrarium by Tovah Martin and Kindra Clineff on Booktopia

Finished Terrariums

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