Obsessing… Lana Del Ray

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few things I’ve been obsessing over lately.

Singer Lana Del Ray is the other obsession that I feel will not be abated until her LP Born to Die debuts towards end Jan/early Feb.

Image Detail

While I love her vocals… very reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra in These boots are made for walking, I’m quite enamored with her hollywood pin-up hair (something I feel we’ll be seeing more of in 2012), femme fatale stare and gangsta chic accessorising.

Hell, I even love the typography used on her Video Games single artwork.

If you haven’t yet seen the Video Games film clip, you can watch it here

I’m hoping that Lana Del Ray will fill the gaping hole in my music collection that Amy Winehouse left behind…

Fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “Obsessing… Lana Del Ray

  1. T-a-d-a-n-a says:

    im obbsessed with her ❤ x

  2. Noor says:

    Where can i get this top?!!! I’ve been searching everywhere 4 it!!!!

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