A Sit Down With… Photographer Michael Mundy

Happy 2012!

Over the last few days I’ve been obsessing over a few things, one of them being a new blog I’ve fallen in love with called An Afternoon With…

An Afternoon With… is the brainchild of New York based photographer, Michael Mundy and his partner Nhi Nguyen, in which Mundy shoots subjects in their spaces amongst their own things. I love seeing how different people organise and decorate their space, it satisfies my inner voyeur.

Readers are given only one line at the end of every post about the subject, allowing each set of images and their ‘things’ to tell the story. It’s a simple, honest yet beautiful portrayal about people. Adding to the blog’s simplicity, all images are lit naturally and appear without retouching.

Michael politely obliged Eclectic Kate with a sit down over New Years, here is what he had to say:

EK: You started in the industry by shooting rock bands, how did you get into interiors?
MM: I  started assisting a photographer (Oberto Gili) who shot interiors. I had never seen anything like it before. I was immediately captivated by how he looked at things. I had never thought about shooting rooms and inanimate objects before. But the way he shot them was like art not just pictures of rooms. That changed my life.
EK: When and why did you start “An Afternoon With… “
MM: An Afternoon With was started in April 2010. I had started a blog just showing things I liked and inspiration etc. Nhi (AAW Co-founder) saw immediately that this was the perfect platform to present images I had been shooting of my friends and acquaintances. She started taking these shoots I had been doing and putting them online. Little by little it started to come together as the project you see now.
EK: How do you choose/find subjects to shoot for the blog? 
MM: We started with friends and asked each one to recommend someone else. This way there is this organic growth built-in which we wouldn’t have otherwise. Along the way we choose people we meet who we feel will expand the project.
EK: If you weren’t photographing interiors and creating blogs and Tumblr’s… what would you be doing?
MM: I’d still be taking pictures it’s what I do. If I didn’t do that maybe Id write more. Pictures were always a quicker means for me than writing though I see them both in the same category.
EK: What’s your New Years resolution?
MM: As always to try to be a little nicer than last year. As far as goals for this year I want to start this portrait series I have in mind. That’s definitely on the forefront.
Michael Mundy’s work can also be found on his other blog, The Refind and via his Tumblr.
All photography in this post appears courtesy of Michael Mundy and An Afternoon With…
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2 thoughts on “A Sit Down With… Photographer Michael Mundy

  1. Jessica says:

    What a find! I cant wait to explore this more and read your interview. EK always delivering on inspirational finds. Love what he has done with Duncan Hannah, always like to see how artiststs organise their art space. Its my forever goal, dream and fantasy.

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