Camo Mani

Manicures went crazy this year, with the most polished princesses sporting ghetto fab talons. While I’ve resisted it for 364 days of the year, I thought I may as well ring out the year in style.

Here’s a pretty easy manicure you can do right now in preparation for tonight. I call it my ‘Camo Mani’. It works well to juxtapose a colour blocked or really feminine outfit and let’s face it, it’s just a bit of fun. Instructions after the jump.

Camo Mani

Tool kit:


Nail colours in Khaki and Black (my faves nail brands are OPI and Illamasqua)

French manicure tip tapes (available in most french manicure sets)

Clear top coat


1. Paint nails with undercoat, then two coats of Khaki over the whole nail.

2. Once nails are dry, place French manicure tip tapes (crescent shaped stickers that help you create a perfect curve) on the end of nails, where your nails would be naturally white.

3. Apply black nail polish on tips only. Paint in one direction and try not to have too much paint on the brush as it will pool up against the tape. Once dry, apply another coat if required. Leave tapes on until paint is dry.

4. Slowly pull tapes away from nail.

5. Finish with clear top coat.

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