I’ll drink to that…

My sister made this drink on Christmas day and it was such a hit, it will be our signature drink to ring in 2012. Recipe after the jump.

A Pink Resolution. Photography by Eclectic Kate


Ice cubes made from cranberry juice (2 standard trays of ice = 4 standard drinks)

Vanilla Vodka (the best you can afford)

Vietnamese Mint

Extra mint or sambal for garnish (optional)


1. Into a measuring cup, pour out amount of vodka shots required. 1 drink requires 1 shot, therefore if making 4 drinks, pour out 4 shots.

2. Infuse vanilla vodka with vietnamese mint by filling a tea infuser with fresh mint leaves and leave it standing in the measuring cup of vodka for 5 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, crush your cranberry ice cubes using a blender to make a fine ice blend (like a slurpy). We used an ice shaver for this, bought at Target for $29… it’s great for the kids and does double duty for cocktail making!

4. Divide ice into four serving glasses. Pull the tea infuser out of the vodka and pour a shot into each glass over the ice.

5. Garnish with extra finely chopped mint or very fine sprinkling of sambal from the sambalicious post earlier (optional)

5. Make your resolutions and cheers to the new year!

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