A Barbie Carol: what I learned on Christmas past

Christmas is a good time for reflection. A time to think back on the year that was and begin mapping out the year to be.

Out with the old, in with the new.

It’s also the time when you really test out your present giving skills, and after running the gauntlet of present unwrapping, here’s what I learned from this year’s christmas that I will apply to present buying and giving for the rest of the year…

If you like Barbie’s outfit, chances are your 3 year old won’t. The moral of the story after the jump…

A tale of two Barbie's. Photography by Eclectic Kate

After much trepidation, I have entered the era of Barbie. I’m really on the fence with Barbie, while I appreciate she is one of the many phases a girl goes through (myself included) I haven’t wanted to shove it down my daughter’s throat either. However with preschool and ballet classes, comes Barbie and therefore my justification was that if her outfit is acceptable and if we can guarantee some diversity in looks and ethnicity, then Barbie is welcome.

So much like a vampire, I invited Barbie into my home.

While Christmas shopping, I found a Barbie that I really loved. Great outfit, no annoying gimmicks and she had a 60’s minimal vibe going on, she looked pretty cool… to me.

My Barbie was one of the first presents my daughter opened, and the reaction was a crinkled-up nose as she moved on to the next gift. No words, she just cast Barbie aside. While every other present was unwrapped, de-boxed and played with, 60’s minimal Barbie stood, hands on hips, smiling knowingly from her clear prison.

I felt bad. Bad for Barbie, for bringing her into a home where she wouldn’t be played with. Bad for my daughter, for not caving in and buying her a glittery, pink doll. The moral of the story here is: Buy/make/create presents that the receiver will want, not what you think they should want!

Lucky for my daughter, her G. Grandma Rosie (great-grandmother), who with 3 great-grandchildren, 16 grandchildren and 7 children of her own, has much more present experience/knowing/apitutde than I do, bought her an awesome Barbie, who wears a bikini and drives a pink convertible.

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