Parsley & Coconut Sambal

Inspired by my brother-in-law’s Sri Lankan heritage, I made this delicious Parsley & Coconut Sambal to go with last night’s vegetable curry.

While I have no idea if this is how the Sri Lankan’s make it, it’s a totally scrummy side dish, and I found myself scraping the bottom of the bowl for more.

It’s salty, sweet and a little bitter all at once and you can add it as a garnish or eat on its own.

Parsley is high in vitamins K, A, C and folic acid so replace chips or pretzels over Christmas with the sambal for a much healthier starter.

This would be a great over chicken or fish or around the rim of a margarita.

I’ll be teaming mine with my ginger beer granita on Christmas day finished off with a splash of vodka!

Parsley & Coconut Sambal


Bunch of parsley leaves, finely chopped

Handful of shredded coconut

Pinch of rock salt flakes


Mix parsley and coconut together in a bowl and taste. If the parsley is too overpowering, add more coconut.

Coconut:parsley ratio should be about 1.5:1

Finish with a pinch of salt to taste – it should give a nice measured kick of salt at the end of your palate.

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