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Last week Pantone announced their “Colour of the Year” …and the winner was Tangerine Tango.

Im not sure what other colours were in the running, or how said colours felt about losing, but Tangerine Tango sounds like a bad 2 4 1 cocktail. I do think the actual shade of orange that Tangerine Tango represents is a great colour. Think vermillion and you’re pretty close.

Here is some orangespiration in honour of the colour of the year…


Just a hint of orange

Orange to Yellow to Green

Today's fruit


All photo’s credited to Eclectic Kate

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4 thoughts on “Orangespiration

  1. Jessica Barton says:

    I LOVE this idea of the spalsh of Orange. I remember in my last place Orange was the base and i built all my colours on top of it. When you start with Orange you cant help but layer more and more contrasting colours… to create a beautiful myriad of colours. So uplifting. I love the blocks picture so energising x

  2. Chez says:

    Yeah I love orange too and orange accents in my home. I also love wearing various muted shade of orange….very earthy and vibrant at the same time. Orange warms me in winter and makes me feel alive in summer. Love your blog Katie xo

  3. Love a nice burnt orange. Warm and rustic!

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