try a little tender-nest

Salvaged nest and egg

On Sunday I found the remains of a birds nest on our back porch.

I saved it to show Miss B and we put it in the garden so we could show her friends when they came over.

Today I was walking from a friends place and found a little blue egg that had fallen from an extremely high gum on the opposite site of the road.

A sign?

The egg had not cracked and I showed it to Miss B, who was determined to sit and watch it hatch.

Well of course explanations of death ensued, which, if my life right now was a twitter feed, #death would be trending… it seems to be a reoccurring topic this week for some reason.

So we took the egg home and coupled it with the remains of our nest and put it in a tree.

Who knows maybe a passing bird will take pity on our human efforts and try to hatch the thing.

And failing that, it’s a pretty darn pretty exit from Spring.

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2 thoughts on “try a little tender-nest

  1. I wonder if they have an egg orphanage in bird land!

  2. Jessica Barton says:

    What a simply beautiful story and simply beautiful picture x

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