the little box that could…

So for a while now, I’ve had the idea of making a raised vegetable garden out of a disused wooden crate. I often see wooden box-like crates outside building sites that are used to ship tiles. I mentioned this idea to husband and sure enough in a few days he sourced one from outside a local printers.

While babysitting one day, my sister enlisted my daughter to help paint the front of the crate and voila, instant garden bed!

The illustrated box

My husband planted it with seedlings of carrots, spinach, chilli and some yellow teardrop tomatoes.

Those readers who live in Sydney would know that we’ve just experienced a week of drenching summer rain, which while great for the basil, veggies and grass, it wasn’t the best for our poor box.

Once the rain subsided we noticed a bright orange mould or fungi growing all over the wood of the box. After googling ‘bright orange mould, I surmised it must be a type of mould that feeds on decomposing wood… of course we hadn’t bothered to treat the wood, so this was totally our mistake.

Sumptuous orange mould!

From what I could find on the net, the mould is not dangerous to eat or have near food, one forum contributor said his grandma used to bake it in a pie!

However as our kids would be eating these veggies, we didn’t want to risk it. We dug up the seedlings that have started to take hold and replanted them in large pots we had lying around the place.

Veggie patch in pots

As for the box, well, we luckily had council clean up that weekend, so he’s probably on the way to the tip by now. Unless of course another family has had similar ideas…


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